Collecting a Prescription for someone else during Covid-19

At this time of unprecedented demand, we know that you might be helping out friends, relative or neighbours by collecting their prescription. Here are a few simple tips to help you:

  • Go to the right pharmacy.
  • Know the name and address of the person you are collecting for.
  • If you know what medicine you are expecting, it might save the pharmacy team time. 
  • If the patient is between 16-60, ask if they pay for their prescriptions (£9.15 per prescription item from 1st April).
  • If the patient doesn't pay, know which "exemption" applies. 
Also Remember:

  • Money: If the patient pays for their prescription .
  • Identification: For some medicines you may be required to show a form of ID.
  • Consent: If possible, take a letter of consent with you.
  • Respect Social Distancing: Please see signs/notices in the pharmacy and respect their rules. 
  • Respect Pharmacy Staff: Pharmacy staff are under huge pressure - please be patient and polite.