Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town meeting is the meeting of the Town Parish electors. It is not a Council meeting, however the Town Mayor (Chairman) will call the meeting (on behalf of the residents) and may preside if he or she is present. The Council will update the public on its work at the meeting which must be held between 1st March and 1st June each year.

30 Apr 2018



11 Mar 2019



27 Apr 2020

Cancelled due to Coronavirus

19 Apr 2021

Meeting to be held via Zoom - please view Meeting Notes under additional documents for full information.


Additional Documents

25 Apr 2022

Annual Reports

These reports contain summaries on each of the committee’s activities, which are presented at the Annual Town Meeting. It also contains a variety of information and statistics that members of the public might find interesting. These include a list of the Town Councillors, which Committees they have served on over the last year and representation by them on outside bodies.


Annual Report 2020/2021