COVID-19 Information

stay home, protect the nhs, save lives

While the Town Hall is closed for bookings and meetings due to the Covid-19, we remain dedicated to serving the residents of our Town. The staff are working remotely and the grounds staff remain working socially distanced outside. The Mayor launched our LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND campaign at the start of the pandemic, working with Haywards Heath Covid-19 Mutual Aid to help our elderly, vulnerable or self isolating residents.   

We are now launching a Leave No one behind at Christmas' campaign asking our elderly and vulnerable residents to register for help if they are facing Christmas alone and asking volunteers to take the time to spready the Christmas spirit to our community by volunteering to phone one of these vulnerable residents.  This will also enable us to direct them to the relevant organisation that can help them.  To read this full press release, please click here.  

 To register for help, use the following information card.

 To download or print this card, please click here.


 To download or print this card, please click here.


 All our Councillors and staff wish everyone the very best during this difficult time.

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The information is being collated to inform you of the actions of the Town Council and national bodies with regards to our COVID-19 support strategy. By registering for assistance, you give permission to the Town Council to share your information/personal data with organisations and groups which will be able to advise, sign post and support you through unprecedented times.