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Pictures of Local Events In Haywards Heath From Residents


Paul Milton recently met with the Disabilities Minister Justin Tomlinson. The art work they are holding is one of Paul’s latest pieces of photography, of which the Minister and his team really liked. Paul had a great time meeting the Minister and his team, whom he said were brilliant. 


Paul Milton is a professional qualified Hayward's Heath Artist and B.D.A Ambassador for Art's and Dyslexia. 
On Sunday 12 July 2015 there was a formal presentation and blessing of the St Mary's altar cloth and lectern frontals that he designed and handmade .Archdeacon Fiona Windsor formally blessed the cloth. Jeremy Quinn MP was also present. 
Below are four pictures from the event


Balcombe Road

Heath Ward Councillors from Haywards Heath Town Council were pleased to be able to donate some of their ward budget to help make improvements for the residents of Barnard Gate, Hanover Housing and Mill Hill Close.   Working in partnership with Hanover housing and ICE benevolent fund the local town councillors supplied funds to improve the access to the new pedestrian crossing on the Balcombe road provided by West Sussex County Council.
The funds will be spent funding a ramp to give easier access to residents with mobility scooter and also young families with prams.  Haywards Heath Town Council Ward Councillors alongside the Town Council ground staff also invited the residents and management of Hanover Housing to join them in planting some bulbs on the green located near the pedestrian crossing to give the area a communal feel.
Councillor Sandy Ellis wanted to express that as Ward Councillors we aim to establish green spaces in our Ward regardless of size as this is a great way to be involved in your natural environment and get the chance to meet new friends and enhance the community spirit through inclusion. 
Councillors Jonathan Ash-Edwards says it’s not just about improving the local landscape it will also go a long way to help our wildlife in the area and there is no better way of experiencing the seasons and enjoying the great our doors.
Councillor Clive Laband added that he hoped by planting these bulbs we will brighten the area and give everyone a spring in their step when they bloom in the spring season and we would like to thank West Sussex County Council, Haywards Heath Town Council who have actively been involved in the recent improvements and we are looking forward to the planting of new trees on the green and we will look at replacing the benches and greening of the area in the coming months.



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