Go plant based with Haywards Heath Town Council for Veganuary

Published: 12 January 2022

Go plant based with Haywards Heath Town Council for Veganuary and help the planet and your purse strings!

Haywards Heath Town Council is encouraging the community to try plant-based foods in January in its drive to help the environment and the health of its community. Town Councillors will be joining the Veganuary pledge which in 2021 saw over half a million people ditching meat for the month of January whilst trying out a range of plant based vegan foods.

A Town Council spoke’s person, comments:

“Researchers from the University of Oxford have estimated that following a vegan diet could reduce your individual carbon footprint by over 70% and save up to 30% on your food bills! This means following a vegan diet is not only good for your health, but is one of the most effective individual actions you and your family can take to combat climate change and balance the family budget!

Over this month, the Town Council will also be looking at Veganuary from a Haywards Heath Town perspective, talking to our residents, groups and businesses about how they can support this move.

We will additionally publish a link to some useful links for those in our community wishing to find out more about Veganuary and its environment, economic and health benefits but in the meantime, please look at some easy plant-based recipes on Veganuary.com to get you started as there’s no better time to try out a plant-based diet than now! View the recipes at https://veganuary.com/receipes.

Please join us this month and Happy Veganuary from us all at Haywards Heath Town Council.”