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Haywards Heath Town Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications affecting the Town.  Mid Sussex District Council is the relevant Local Planning Authority and all Planning Applications are ultimately decided by them.

To deliver our responsibilities, we review planning documents available in the public domain, hold private discussions with developers, consider comments from stakeholders and finally receive focussed input directly from speakers during Planning Committee Meetings.

The Town Council is fully committed to ensure that the Town's voice is heard on relevant applications made in Haywards Heath, and significantly, Mid Sussex District Council will take into consideration representations made by Haywards Heath Town Council before applications are determined.


Committee Membership

The Planning Committee consists of eight members of the Council ensuring that each ward has representation.  The members of the planning committee are:

Cllr Clive Laband (Chairman), Cllr Mike Pulfer (Vice Chairman), Cllr Clare Cheney, Cllr Alastair McPherson, Cllr Chrisopher Evans, Cllr Stephanie Inglesfield, Cllr Richard Nicholson and Cllr Sujan Wickremaratchi.

Speaking at Planning Meetings - the Town Council welcomes residents who wish to come along and speak on a specific planning appliications.  If you wish to speak please inform the Town Hall by 12pm on the day of the Committee Meeting.  Each speaker will be allowed 3 minutes to address the Committee.

Planning Committee Agendas and Minutes


  2nd March 2020 Agenda   Minutes
  10th February 2020 Agenda   Minutes
  20th January 2020 Agenda   Minutes
  2nd January 2020 Agenda   Minutes
  9th December 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  18th November 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  28th October 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  7th October 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  16th September 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  27th August 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  5th August 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  15th July 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  24th June 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  3rd June 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  14th May 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  15th April 2019 Agenda  
  25th March 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  4th March 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  11th February 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  21st January 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  2nd January 2019 Agenda   Minutes
  10th December 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  19th November 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  29th October 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  10th October 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  17th September 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  28th August 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  6th August 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  16th July 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  25th June 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  4th June 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  21st May 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  15th May 18 Agenda   Minutes
  24th April 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  26th March 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  5th March 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  12th February 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  22 January 2018 Agenda   Minutes
  3 January 2018 Agenda   Minutes

If you would like to view Agendas or Minutes that are not on the website, please contact the Town Hall.

Neighbourhood plan

Here is some information about our Neighbourhood plan.

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