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Policy & Finance Committee

The Policy & Finance Committee consists of eight members of the Council ensuring that each ward has representation. The Committee meets six times a year and to co-ordinate and undertake detailed consideration of all financial matters affecting the Council and making the necessary recommendations to the Council.  These include:

  • Financial and Policy making matters
  • Monitoring of capital and revenue budgets and list of payments
  • Dealing with terms and conditions of service of Town Council Officers and Staff
  • Grants, donations and subsidies
  • Preparation of the draft budget and recommendation of the precept to Council
  • Ensuring that all financial regulations and systems are adhered to
  • Liaison with external bodies such as local business associations
  • To make recommendations to Council on the acquisition and disposal of land
  • To consider any proposals relating to the devolution of assets or services from Mid Sussex District Council or West Sussex County Council.

Committee Membership

The Policy & Finance Committee members for the Council Year 2019/20 are:

Cllr Jim Knight (Chairman), Cllr Chris Ash Edwards (Vice Chairman), Cllr Clive Laband, Cllr Mike.Pulfer, Cllr Christopher.Evans, Cllr Rachel Cromie, Cllr Richard Batesand Cllr Richard Nicholson


Policy & Finance Commitee Agendas and Minutes

  3rd March 2020 Agenda      
  13th January 2020 Agenda   Minutes  
  4th November 2019 Agenda   Minutes

11 NALC Financial Regs 

  2nd September 2019 Agenda   Minutes  
  17th June 2019 Agenda   Minutes  
  11th March 2019 Agenda   Minutes  
  14th January 2019 Agenda   Minutes  
  12th November 2018  Agenda   Minutes  
  3rd September 2018 Agenda   Minutes  
  18th June 2018 Agenda   Minutes  
  16th April 2018 Agenda   Minutes GDPR report
  12th March 2018 Agenda   Minutes  
  15th January 2018 Agenda   Minutes  

If you would like to view an Agenda or Minutes that are not on the website, please contact the Town Hall.

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